About EOE Botanicals

Elements of Earth Botanicals was created from the dream to supply organic body care that is not packed with harsh chemicals. Having many people in our family with sensitive skin, as well as skin conditions (Eczema, Psoriasis, Keratosis pilaris, dry or irritated) we decided to research into what was really causing these issues. Some of the personal care items we were using contained many chemicals that eventually ended up damaging the acid mantle of our skin. Our acid mantle's main job is to be an essential shield that holds in moisture as well as protects from environmental toxins. If this becomes damaged, we are more susceptible to skin irritations, as well as illnesses. Your skin is your largest organ and absorbs the items you put on it. Eventually they work their way into your blood stream and can cause illness as well as body aches or chronic pain. Not only is it important to watch what you eat, it is also important to watch what you use on your body. 

Through our research and trial and error processes, we discovered that using organic products really started to make a difference. Not only for our skin, but also how we felt. 

Along with a proper diet and organic skin care, you can achieve a healthier lifestyle. We created this company in the efforts to share that journey with you and let you "love the skin you are in".